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PORTUGAL - Mandatory Negative Test to Enter - New Rules
Updated on 07 Feb 2022

New Rules for Entering Portugal

In effect from 07.02.2022

In accordance with the new measures established by the Government to control the Covid-19 Pandemic, we inform you that as of 07.02.2022 the following rules will apply for entry into mainland Portugal:

  • EU Certificate (or equivalent) of Recovery from Covid-19 infection OR
  • EU Certificate (or equivalent) of Vaccination, OR
  • Negative Molecular Test Certificate (NAAT), carried out not more than 72 hours before departure OR
  • Antigen Test certificate, carried out not more than 24 hours before departure 
NOTE: Children under 12 years of age do not need to present a digital EU COVID certificate or proof of having been tested for SARS-CoV-2 infection.


For detailed information about entry requirements in Portugal, please see HERE

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