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Contact Elements on PNR for MFA Purposes
Updated on 09 Nov 2022

The correct insertion of passenger contacts in bookings is essential and guarantees both good communication with passengers in case of an irregularity, as well as the correct receipt of automatic notifications and the effective and safe management of the booking on the website and in Check-in.

Due to the implementation of MFA (Multifactor Authentication), access to MYB (Manage Your Booking) can only be done with a validation code sent to the passenger’s contacts present on the booking (Mobile Number or Email Address).

So that all contacts added on PNRs in Amadeus and in other GDSs, are valid for MFA purposes, please see below the mandatory format for each contact and its priority for MFA:


For each type of contact, the last one entered on PNR will be the primary contact for MFA purposes.

Ex: after the passenger completes CK IN online, the contacts given while checking in, will be the priority compared with the ones given when the booking was created.




 Information on AP Element


If there is no APE Element on booking, the information used will the one on APN Element


If there are no APE or APN Elements on booking, the information to be used will be the one on the SSR CTCE Element



Information on AP Element


If there is no APM Element on booking, the information to be used will be the one on APN Element


If there are no APM or APN Elements on booking, the information to be used will be the one on the SSR CTCM Element


We kindly remind you TAP is obliged to inform its passengers in good time if any irregularity occurs on a flight. Therefore, a passenger contact, either telephone or e-mail address, must be inserted in the PNR. Review the Procedures for Cancelled Flights (UN).

To take full advantage of the automatic notification service it is important that you insert the correct mobile phone contact and email or frequent flyer number when booking.  Recall the advantages HERE


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