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General rules for transport of sports equipments
Updated on 20 Oct 2021

Sports equipment can be checked in free of charge as part of the passenger permitted free baggage allowance if they meet the allowed requirements:

  • number of pieces: according to the allowance permitted by the fare purchased
  • weight per piece: according to the allowance permitted by the fare purchased
  • sum of linear dimensions* = 158cm/62inches (length + width + height)

If the sports equipment exceeds the size, weight or number of pieces permitted in the free baggage allowance fixed rates per route will apply. A request for space allocation in the hold must be inserted by SSR with the corresponding equipment type code (e.g SCUB for scuba diving equipment). Check the respective pages on this website about each type of equipment. 

NOTE: Transport of sports equipment will be subject to confirmation depending on the equipment size and/or operating aircraft.


* in case of a golf bag or scuba diving equipment, the actual linear dimensions will be disregarded if they exceed the sum of158cm/62 inches. Weight and number shall follow the permitted allowance rules.


Check further information on this website or download the Baggage Allowance and Service Fees Manual, where you can find more information about all types of equipment accepted onboard our flights.

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