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Check-in at the airport
Updated on 01 Jul 2021

Passengers who prefer to check-in at the airport may do so using the self service kiosks at many of the airports served by TAP.  On most of them, beside the boarding card, they may even print  bags tags themselves.

The steps are simple:

  • passengers identify themselves with the electronic ticket number, the booking code (PNR), swiping their passports, frequent flyer cards or, in some cases, credit cards;
  • select their seats;
  • print tags and label their bags;
  • print boarding cards;
  • proceed to bag drop.

Available for all flights operated by TAP or TAP Express (flights numbered 1 to 3999).


Lisbon Airport - Check-in area A - for Schengen destinations

TAP operates new Self Check-in kiosks, as well as, new Self Bag Drop services.

At  area A passengers can

  • avoid the queues for the regular check-in counters;
  • print their boarding cards and luggage tags in a few clicks;
  • label and dispatch their own suitcases;

The area is located after the main entrance of the airport (near the Premium Customer Center and Ponte Aérea counters),

Several assistants are available in the area to help passengers less accustomed to these self service procedures.



Check-in for the shuttle service between Lisbon and Oporto (Ponte Aérea) 

There are dedicated "Ponte Aérea" check-in desks set up to facilitate check-in and save time. 

Check-in is available up to 30 minutes before departure time. 

Passengers with special needs must contact the dedicated check-in desk at least 45 minutes before departure time.

Porto airport

Check-in desks: 18 and 19

Boarding gate: 32

Lisbon airport

Check-in desks: 6 and 7

Security control:  check-in desks 6 and  7

Boarding gates: 15 and 15 A 



To guarantee punctuality, all passengers should be at the gate latest 30 minutes before flight departure , if showing up after this time, TAP will not guarantee their boarding of the flight. Please inform passengers when going to the gate they should mind possible queues on security checks, passport control or Duty Free.

Click here to find out about the check-in times at all airports served by TAP.

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