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How to earn balance
Updated on 21 Jan 2019

TAP Corporate is a program aimed at companies that want to save on their business trips.

Whenever an employee of the company travels with TAP, a part of the value spent (fare + YQ surcharge) will be converted into balance, which can then be discounted on TAP flights and services.

The company will only have to sign up online.  After registration, the company will be assigned an IC identification code.

  • Ex: CIU123, where CI = program identifier; U = country identifier (in this case United States of America); 123 = company identifier.

The company will be reimbursed a percentage of the fare value plus YQ surcharge spent.  For this, it is imperative that the IC code (CIUXXX) is inserted on all reservations (flights operated by TAP / TAP Express) where a TAP 047 ticket will be issued.

Each fare product has an associated percentage:

Branded Product Percentage of (fare+YQ)
tap|discount 0%
tap|basic 2%
tap|classic 3% 
tap|plus 4% 
tap|executive 3%
tap|top executive 4%

Example for 500 USD Ticket (fare+YQ)

Basic: 500 x 2% = 10USD
Classic: 500 x 3% = 15USD
Plus: 500 x 4% = 20USD
Executive: 500 x 3% = 15USD
Top Executive: 500 x 4% = 20USD

How to use balance

The company may use the balance accumulated for payment of TAP Tickets and Services (e.g. Extra Baggage, Seating, Lounge Access and Fast Track).

All public fares are elegible, without any booking class restrictions.

The use of the balance may be partial or total, but the minimum use is 10USD.

The balance is credited 72 hours after the segment has been flown.

The balance is valid for 2 years after the month of accumulation.

The company may use the discount directly in the designated area of the website in the "My Corporate" area through the available booking engine, or through the program support line:


Ph. 1 844 472 5079

Monday through Sunday: 24h

The following functionalities will be available through IBE Corporate (Corporate booking engine):

  • creation of company travel members
  • creation of bookings
  • use of balance
  • invoice request with company data

Employees who are enrolled in the Frequent Flyer Program TAP Miles&Go will accumulate miles at the same time, as long as the frequent flyer number is inserted on the PNR.

Frequently asked questions

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