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Updated on 10 Aug 2022

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our service to our customers, we implemented a Customer Relationship Management program to better assist you.

All Agency Help Desk assistance will be handled through email only. Telephone assistance will no longer be available so we ask that you submit all requests to

In order to provide quick and efficient responses, we are providing a list of Keywords which must be included in the Subject Line of your emails.  These keywords will help us to quickly identify the problem/question in order to expedite the reply.  The keywords may be placed in any part of the Subject line.


TKT                      For assistance with Ticketing

TKT-24H           For assistance with Issuances or Reissuance within 24-hours of Departure

TKT-AD             For assistance with AD/PEP fare tickets

PNR                     For assistance with Booking

CKIN                   For assistance with Check-in

BAG                     For assistance with Baggage

SEAT                    For assistance with Seats

GOLD                 For assistance for Frequent Flyer Gold Passenger

SSR                       For assistance with Requests of Special Services

MEDICAL        For assistance with Medical Cases

WAIVE               For name corrections, special refund situations, other requests for exceptions

IRREG                 For assistance with Schedule Changes

IRREG-24H     For assistance with Schedule Changes within 24-hours of Departure

CALLME            If you need to be contacted by the Agency Help Desk

F2F                       If the client is in front of you and you need an urgent reply

GENERAL        For assistance with all other subjects not here defined

When submitting an email to the Agency Help Desk, you will receive an automatic response acknowledging receipt of your email and providing you with a Case Number.  All correspondence related to a specific Case Number must continue on the same email thread.  If you generate a new email about the same subject/problem it will be identified as a new case and will delay the process.



When a case is closed it will not be possible to re-open it.  If necessary to go back to the same subject, a new email must be sent and it will be identified as a new case.  You must refer to the original case number, so we may identify the previous responses.  Never forward an email regarding a case already closed.
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