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COVID-19: Reduced special meals' service
Updated on 08 Feb 2021

Due to the current situation, we are forced to operate with a reduced service.

From 12 February 2021:

The Meal Pre-Order (in Business Class) service will be unavailable on medium-haul flights. On long-haul flights, the pre-order service will be limited to two choices only (MEML and PTML). 

Special meals will be unavailable on all medium-haul flights.

On long-haul flights departing Lisbon the special meals with service code SPML (including birthday cake/sparkling wine), AVML, MOML, NLML, LFML, LCML, DBML, LSML will be unavailable. The special meals VLML, VGML, GFML, CHML, KSML and BBML will still be available ex-Lisbon.


An SMS or email will be sent to passengers already holding confirmed special meals informing that due to the present circumstances their special meal request can’t be fulfilled. 
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