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COVID-19: Prohibition of non-essential travel for Portuguese citizens - waive of the change fee
Updated on 12 Feb 2021

Following the travel restrictions issued by the Portuguese Government, which prohibit non-essential travel for Portuguese nationals, waive of the change fee (DU) is authorized.

Waiver of the change fee (DU) and waiver of the application of the 21-day  advance rule, in the situation below:

  • International travel originating in Portugal
  • Valid for Portuguese citizens
  • Tickets issued until 01 February 2021
  • Original travel date between 01 February and 28 February 2021
  • Mandatory ENDO BOX - COVID 19 PTTRV001
  • Ticket reissue must be made prior to departure of the flight affected by the ban
    • Note: as this flexibility was published on February 12 and tickets with flights between 1 and 12 February will not be able to comply with the reissue rule, they may be reissued until the last day of the original date i.e. 28 February.
Mandatory SSRS DOCS

The passenger nationality will be checked by inserting APIs in the PNR
An SSR DOCS with the passenger's identification data is mandatory on all bookings!
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