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The company's first A321LR arrived in Lisbon
18 Apr 2019
  • TAP is the first airline company in the world to operate the A330neo Airbus and the A321LR Airbus simultaneously.
  • The new airplane allows for the expansion of connections in the East coast of the USA and in the Northeast of Brazil.
  • The A321LR Airbus has Wi-Fi on board and allows passengers to send free and unlimited written messages.
  • It is already christened and named after Agostinho da Silva, a Portuguese philosopher and poet.


TAP Air Portugal received April 5th the first A321 Airbus Long Range, becoming the first airline company in the world to operate the A330neo Airbus and the A321 Airbus Long Range simultaneously. The A321 Airbus Long Range landed today in Lisbon, coming directly from the Airbus plant in Hamburg, and is the first TAP narrow body aircraft capable of operating transatlantic routes, offering the premium comfort of a long-haul aircraft. It has 16 executive seats, four of which are single seats, and offers more space in economy class, equivalent to that available on the A330neo Airbus.

"The planes of this model are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including modern full-size executive chairs, more ergonomic and spacious economy-class seats, an on-board entertainment and connectivity system that allows free and unlimited exchange of written messages", says Antonoaldo Neves, CEO of TAP. The new plane, named after the Portuguese philosopher and poet Agostinho da Silva, has the capacity to carry up to 168 passengers and expands TAP's medium and long-haul operation in combination with the A330neo Airbus.

"The A321 Airbus Long Range is critical for TAP's expansion plan, and its range is enough to comfortably explore the markets of North America, South America and Africa, which results in a perfect match with the A330neo Airbus. In North America, it allows, for example, to explore markets on the east coast, such as New York, Boston, Toronto or Washington. In Brazil, this aircraft helps us to explore new markets in the Northeast and can complement our services in several cities, such as Recife, Natal, Fortaleza or Salvador," says the CEO of TAP.

This is the first of 14 aircrafts of this model, committed to Airbus, to arrive at the Company. TAP receives a total of 37 aircrafts by the end of this year and 71 by 2025, thus becoming one of the most modern fleets in the world. This renewal and growth of the fleet has allowed the Company to announce new destinations and more frequencies.

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