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Transfer bus between Oporto and Vigo, in Galicia, Spain
Updated on 09 Jun 2021

The coach service between Oporto Airport and the town of Vigo, in Galicia, Spain will resume on 29 March 2021.

TAP, in partnership with the Spanish bus company  , offers a transfer service between the Galician coastal city of Vigo and Porto airport, where TAP passengers can travel on a single ticket.


  • Valid for passengers with TAP 047 plated tickets and booked on TP/NI/WI operated flights to/from OPO.
  • The bus will be represented with a ficticious flight number (e.g.TP9661) and booked in the same booking class (RBD) as the flight operated by TAP.
  • In the availability use to pseudo city code VBT or VGO
  • Fares are published between VGO and the TAP network via OPO.
  • The free baggage allowance that corresponds to the TAP fare applies.
    • The baggage must be placed on/taken from the bus by the passengers. 
    • No check-in is available at the bus station; the baggage must be dispatched when checking-in at the airport.
  • BUS bookings shall be made preferably up to  16h00 (UTC) of the day prior to departure.
  • No special service is available on the bus for holders of Business Class tickets.
  • Available SSRs: XBAG / BULK (to be used also for passenger's own wheelchair) / SPEQ / BLND / DEAF / SVAN - Confirmation by Autna required by phone: +34986288030.
  • Unvailable SSRs: MEDA / UMNR / PETC / AVIH / WCHC / WCHR / WCGS / WCBD / WCBW / WCLB / WCMP.
  • Car seats for children and babies must be provided by the passengers.
  • Autna is not responsible to verify the passenger's travel documents. Passengers must hold the necessary travel documents to board a flight at OPO airport.

Service stops:

Vigo: Bus Station, Platform 3, located in Avenida de Madrid, 57.

Oporto Airport: arrivals terminal, stop for Bus Galiza AUTNA. 



Updated 08JUN21 - SUM21 

Timetables subject to changes by Autna

OPO VBT 29/mar/21 30/out/21 MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI 11:30 14:25
OPO VBT 12/jun/21 30/out/21 SAT 11:30 14:25
OPO VBT 29/mar/21 30/out/21 MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI and  SUN 14:30 17:25
OPO VBT 29/mar/21 30/out/21 MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI and SAT 19:45 22:40
OPO VBT 04/abr/21 30/out/21 SUN 21:55 00:45
VBT OPO 29/mar/21 30/out/21 DAILY 09:00 09:45
VBT OPO 29/mar/21 30/out/21 MON, TUE, WED, THU and FRI 12:00 12:45
VBT OPO 29/mar/21 30/out/21


17:30 18:15
VBT OPO 12/jun/21 30/out/21 SAT 17:30 18:15
VBT OPO 04/abr/21 30/out/21 SUN 19:00 19:45

Timetables subject to changes by Autna

Example of Amadeus availability and sale entries:

AN16APRNYCVGO 1   TP 212  C9 D9 Z9 J9 RL Y9 B9 /EWR B OPO    2050    0845+1E0/339
             M9 S9 H9 Q9 V9 W9 A9 K9 L9 U9 E9 NL
     TP9662  Y9 B9 M9 S9 H9 Q9 V9 /OPO   VBT    1130+1  1425+1E0/BUS  TR  11:35
             W9 A9 K9 L9 U9 E9 NL

SS1T1 - sale of 1 seat on booking class E on bus and flight segments
  1  TP 212 E 16APR 5 EWROPO HK1  1950 B  2050 0845+1 339 E 0 BD
 2  TP9662 E 17APR 6 OPOVBT HK1  1045    1130 1425   BUS E 0

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