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UMNR - Update 19OCT21
Updated on 20 Oct 2021

Effective October 19, 2021, the conditions for booking UMNR service are as follows: 

  • Only flights operated by TAP. 
  • Connections with other carriers are not permitted.
  • Travel arrangements, including delivery of the minor to the airport and pick-up at destination, are to be made by the parent/legal guardian or their authorized representative.
  • The accompanying person must remain at the airport until the plane has taken off. The above-mentioned persons must complete and sign the UMNR form.
  • The entire trip is confirmed at the time of ticketing.
  • Overnight stops are not permitted.
  • There is a limit of 11 UMNR in the "Y" class and 2 UMNR in the "C" class compartment.

NOTE: Travel from Morocco to Canada is excluded. UMNR service cannot be booked on this route.



  • TAP/TAP stopovers and/or overnight stops are not permitted.


  • Connections with other airlines are not permitted.


  • Not permitted/not applicable.


  • Not permitted/not applicable.

TAP will honor services that have been confirmed for the month of October, but no new bookings of this service can be accepted with interline flights or connections to other airlines.

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