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TAP Refunds Request Guidelines
15 Jun 2021
Information valid for the US market only. Local regulations may apply.


Dear Travel Partner,

As a result of the travel disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic we continue to experience a high volume of refund requests. Until further notice TAP will  continue managing refunds directly with the Agencies, so the ability for Agents to refund in GDS or ARC remains inhibited. In an effort to simplify and expedite the refund process Agents will be able to request refunds directly in the TAP Agents portal effective immediately.  This eliminates the need to send emails to the Agency Help Desk with refund requests.

To submit a refund request Agents must first register for an account in the  TAP Agents portal:
It takes just a few minutes to complete registration, and once the registration is confirmed please allow up to 24 hours for TAP to grant  access to the Refund Request option.

1 - On the Home Page of the TAP Agents portal make sure that the country shown is United States of America.  If another country appears please click on Country and select United States of America.

2 - Agent completes Agency information

3 - Agent receives an email  with a link to confirm registration

4 - Agent clicks on confirm registration and this completes the registration process

5 - When Agent registers they may only insert one IATA/ ARC number, however if the Agency has  multiple IATA/ARC numbers TAP will associate all of the Agency network IATA/ARC locations to the registration during the validation process.

6 - Multiple Agents within the Agency can create individual registrations for the same IATA/ARC location(s).

7 - When the registration is completed please allow up to 24 hours for TAP to grant access to the Refund Request option.   

8 - Once the Agent has access to Request Refund, this option will appear in the drop down menu next to their name when they log in.


Please click on the link below to see step by step instructions for the registration and refund process. 



Our Refunds team is diligently working to resolve all refund requests. We sincerely appreciate your patience and partnership during this time.
TAP Air Portugal, North America


TAP Air Portugal Agency Help Desk 
Monday to Friday: 09H00 - 17H00 EST


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